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Lines are not meant on the face. They are meant on other mediums like paper, boards, canvass and even on blueprints; they are never meant on the face. Once they are on the face, they are already called wrinkles, and they will never look good for anyone except probably James Bond. If you have them, which most probably you do or else you would not be reading this article, then let it be known that there are remedies for it.

Wrinkles is one skin problem which can be the least of all your skin problems. It is also even more comforting to know that the remedies are very much available anywhere and very practical. One of these remedies is the famous antioxidants.

Antioxidants on Wrinkles

To understand how antioxidants can fight wrinkles, it better to first understand free radicals. These free radicals are the culprit on why people have skin problems and other health problems.

In a nutshell, free radicals are compound which are unstable because of a lacking electron. Compounds lacking electrons are unstable. Once they have attached themselves to the body system, what they will do is to snatch electrons from the neighbor molecule to stabilize themselves.

After snatching electrons, the chain reaction goes on because the neighbor molecule where electrons have been snatched from will also snatch other neighbor molecules, hence the said chain reaction. This chain reaction so to say is the start of the process of the deterioration of the skin causing dryness, dullness and wrinkles.

What antioxidants will do now is to break the chain reaction caused by free radicals. Logically, breaking it would stop the furtherance of the damage of the skin. But how does antioxidants break the chain reaction? Well, they break it by giving these free radicals what they want: electrons.

Sources of Antioxidants

Now that you slowly begin to understand the process of the damage, the one that caused it and how to address it, then you probably have a question in your mind about how to get antioxidants. The answer to this are food products made from plants. They have rich “deposits” of antioxidants. To be specific with these food products, you have apples, jalapeno, legumes and nuts. Other sources are vitamins like the vitamin E, C, and A. 

It is said that antioxidants do not just stop the damaged caused by free radicals to go further but they also can reverse or repair the damaged done. For example, food with antioxidants have retinol which is a substance that can produce collagen and can help even out the wrinkles on the skin

As you can see, the claims on antioxidants are very promising. Many have tried it and have become successful in doing so. This is a very good way to get rid of wrinkles because it is natural and at the same time very effective. So if you are still looking for ways to even out those lines on your face, then you known where you can start.

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