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You may have troubles with stretch marks on your arms and belly. Women like you may get these marks caused by the overstretching of your abdomen during pregnancy. However, weight loss from an obese or overweight state may also leave you with these marks.

This skin issue may be stopping you from wearing your skimpy and sexy attires. You must know more about how local beauty products can help you with the problem. Not only that, research about the expected effects of the treatments as to take special precautions prior the treatment.

It’s a Hard Problem to Solve

You may be aware that stretch marks, also known as striae, are hard to eliminate. For sure, you know how long it takes for you to conceal or get rid of these lines. Knowing the factors that contribute to the development of these may help you worry no more of the often long treatment that may frustrate you in the end.

The Causes

These stretch marks may occur due to the stretching of the skin which can happen during pregnancy (striae gravidarum). They may also occur during sudden weight loss or even weight gain. They are more likely to show during teenage years and pregnancy. Surprisingly, weight lifting may also cause the development of striae.

Your genes may have something to do with the occurrence of this skin problem. If defects of the body’s connective tissue happen in one of your family members, then there is a possibility that you develop stretch marks.


Put down the donuts! You must avoid weight gain in order to reduce the risk of having striae. When you are pregnant, it is helpful that you moisturize the stretch mark prone areas such as the belly. The skin can easily stretch when it is well moisturized or hydrated. Moisturizing must be done at least three to four times daily with products such as shea or cocoa butter. Massage the area as you apply the moisturizer.

How to Effectively Eliminate Stretch Marks

The skin color has something to do with the striae’s appearance. Some may appear pink, reddish and brown.  These eventually fade to a silvery color. Studies are done to treat this skin problem during its early stage. Remember, early treatment may save your skin from the graffiti like markings on your skin. Now you know the secret on how to reduce or get rid of these lines on your arms and belly fast. Start early with the treatment!

What Can Be Done

You can choose between topical oils and creams, therapies such as laser therapy and the more aggressive surgical procedure to remove striae. They often cost too much and the length of treatment may even make the financial side of it worse. There are also various products that have lightening properties. Through this, you can conceal the stretch marks on your body areas.

You may be worrying too much on how you will look in a bikini. Your efforts may seem not enough. Through religiously and patiently following the remedies that dermatologists recommend, you will find great changes to your skin.

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