It’s Time For The Truth About Cellulites

Cellulites are among the top skin problems of women. These can be found anywhere in your body and are really unflattering. You have dimples or orange peeling on your skin which are really noticeable when you inspect your arms, legs and thighs. You have been doing lots of things to get rid of cellulites but are those ways really effective in making them go away? What if you’re just doing all those things thinking they can burn fats under the skin but are just really wasting your time? Here are a few myths about cellulites. What you have practiced may not be enough after all.

Myths About Cellulites

Myth #1: Anti-cellulite creams and lotions reduce cellulite.

Since cellulites are already fat deposits under the skin, applying lots and lots of creams or lotions won’t burn them. It’s the number one mistake of women spending a lot on these topical applications. No matter you apply frequently in the day, the effect would be none to a very slight one. Fats won’t be burned by these applications. If they work, then the skin you applied them to would also burn.

Myth #2: Drinking lots of water can wash off cellulite.

A lot of people have been drinking really hard along with exercise to wash off the toxins, including the cellulites in the body. To tell you the truth, you’re only drowning yourself with water. Too much water intake will just cause bloating and hinder you from eating regular healthy meals since you’re already full of water. There are several cases of water intoxication wherein the body can’t function well due to excessive amounts of water in the body. Drinking adequate water is enough to keep your circulation moving, secrete toxins through urine and hype up metabolism.

Myth #3: Massages and spa therapies dissolve cellulite.

A lot of editorials and articles say that massages can move the fats underneath your skin and promote their disappearance. This is totally a false thought. Massaging the fat will never dissolve them or make them go away. The same goes with spa treatments. These methods promotes relaxation of muscles and good circulation but would never be related to cellulite.

Myth #4: Exercising can totally eliminate cellulite.

Exercise is among the best natural way to reduce cellulite but won’t totally eliminate them. Once you have cellulites, there would be stored fat in your body. Dieting alone would never make them go away. What’s good with exercise is that you promote leaner muscles, burn fats and make the skin firm reducing the visibility of cellulites.

Now you have learned that cellulites is not an easy thing to lose. All you have spent time and worked hard for aren’t working effectively after all. With determination of proper diet and exercise, you can always achieve a good-looking, firmer skin. This process takes time, even years. The only way to totally eliminate cellulite is through liposuction or laser therapies that can dissolve those fats underneath. Seek a professional and discuss important options for cellulite removal.

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