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You may have heard of various products promising you to eliminate stretch marks. There are more natural products that can be applied topically to the areas to bring back the smoother texture and look to your skin.

Today pharmacies, websites and grocery stores talk about a wide array of cosmetic products that can offer you the treatment of striae. Here are examples of these remedies:

Wheat-Germ Oil

There may be questions on the effectiveness of this oil in treating your stretch marks  due to the lack of studies done on it. However, this topical treatment can help solve your problem with striae during its early stages.

Glycolic Acid

Glycolic acid is known for its anti-acne properties. Not only that, it can also cause the elimination of the marks through exfoliation or the removal of the dead skin cells. This comes from sugar cane and processed to be an acid potent for its skin-lightening properties.

This substance is incorporated in some beauty soaps. However, large doses of glycolic can only be given by your dermatologist.

The Vitamin

Vitamin C is known for its several skin care benefits. This nutrient is responsible for the synthesis of the protein compound collagen and elastin in the body. This may promote repair of the skin during the early stages of striae. They may be given topically by applying a Vitamin C enriched cream or solution. On the other hand the oral form of this nutrient can also provide the same desired effects.

The Peptides

Some beauty products contain peptides. They are widely used to promote the repair of the tissue in the body. However, some scientists find this useless and a waste of money. Though there are testimonies regarding its effectiveness, some experts are not convinced.

The Retinoids

These Vitamin A derivatives can cause skin exfoliation, can lighten skin and give it a better glow. Retinoids are also helpful in allowing the production of elastin and collagen. This action of the said substance can help you regain the smoothness of your striae-prone body parts. Remember not to take this drug when you are pregnant.

Glycolic acid Combined with Retinoids

Studies show that using retinoids with glycolic acids may actually yield better results. Some women like you find using retinoids necessary prior undergoing glycolic acid peel. The actions of both agents combined may give you faster results.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is a common therapy availed by many customers among dermatology clinics. They offer you various skin care benefits. Today, this therapy is used to reduce and eventually eliminate stretch marks. It is more effective when used to treat red and white striae.

This works by promoting collagen synthesis that is damaged due to the factors that cause the stretch marks to show. Vascular lasers are used for still inflamed and swollen blood vessels and for enhancing cell production. However, this treatment may be too expensive for you due to the several sessions that you need to attend.

Today, with many treatment options, you just have to pick which treatment you think is most effective. However, there are certain considerations in the use of these beauty products and therapies. Always practice safety by reading the label of the unregulated products you find on the grocery’s shelves.

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